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Children and Adolescents

Early diagnosis, individualised and holistic intervention so that the child doesn’t get stigmatised, obtains self-confidence and acquire the necessary skills to become a psychologically healthy adult


A neuropsychological – psychological assessment is necessary when there are:

The following are being assessed

The results of the assessment are valuable tools for the neuropsychologist, the teachers, the parents and the other health professionals. They give us a map of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and allow us to plan specialised interventions and propose specific strategies that will help the child reach his/her full potential. του. After the end of any intervention, we conduct a new neuropsychological assessment to evaluate its effectiveness and make further decisions.

Β. COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY for children that, after the assessment, seem to encounter emotional, behavioral or cognitive problems.

C. COGNITIVE REHABILITATION: Individualised program of computerised cognitive exercises (in the office and via e-mail)

D. TEACHING SKILLS: Individualised program of explicit skill and strategy teaching so that academic achievement, behaviour, cognitive function and interpersonal relationships improve.


In cases of children diagnosed with psychological, learning, developmental disorders etc., we offer psychoeducational sessions for parents so that they get all the information needed to manage their children’s problems.