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Postpartum Disorders


The time during and after pregnancy is a very sensitive period in a woman’s life.

The major changes in daily routine, the fatigue, the new role, the hormonal imbalance influence every woman in a different way, depending on her personality, the predisposition she might have to anxiety and depression, her life circumstances and her close environment.

Some women cope well and manage to experience maternity with joy and calmness.

Some others, however, go through major difficulties. Anxiety, depression, physical and emotional exhaustion, anger, irritability, problems with the partner, negative emotions towards the baby, fear that they will harm it, loss of appetite, insomnia, loss of the ability to feel joy are only a few of the symptoms a new or future mother might experience.

Most of women feel ashamed to admit that they are not happy with the fact that they have become mothers or that they are waiting a baby.

They usually feel guilty, they believe that they are not good mothers, that they are responsible for their symptoms, that they won’t cope. However, the truth is quite different.

Advice for the new and future mother