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Services Τhrough Ιnternet

Delivery of psychological services through internet is very popular in our days. And, while there is a big debate over the pros and cons of modern technologies, in this case technology offers an invaluable service: it gives access to high standard psychological services to people who, for various reasons, cannot come to the psychologist’s office but want to receive help.

The delivery of psychological services through internet is a totally secure method that offers the same benefits as traditional psychological services, plus that you can receive them wherever you are. You only need a computer with a web camera, an internet connection and an e-mail.

For more information regarding the process of internet psychological services, contact us. If you are not familiar with technology, don’t worry. You will receive detailed instructions and you will soon realize it was easier than you thought!

We offer the following psychological services through internet:

  1. Individual Psychotherapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (through Skype):
    For more information about Individual Psychotherapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy click here.
  2. Cognitive Rehabilitation (through e-mail) 
    For more information about Cognitive Rehabilitation, click here.
  3. Psychoeducation:
    For more information about Psychoeducation, click here.

Special groups that benefit from psychological services through internet